Mike Concannon wedding photographer / videographer,
Athenry Road, Loughrea, Co. Galway.
Tel. 0858838786 and 091 847777
Frequently Asked Questions
How will I receive my video?
.On USB memory stick for smart TV
On-Line video streaming, (password protected) 
On-Line Downloadable file, share with all of your guests
A Short 20 minute Hi-Lights film
The full length 2 hour film
What type of training/experience have you?

I have photographed and videoed over 1000 weddings
over the past 25 years.

My formal training was at Bournville College Of Art in

Oxford Board advanced qualification in photography.

Qualification; Licentiate, Master Photographers
Is there a travel fee if my wedding is far away?
For 95% of  weddings there is no travel charge.
But if my journey to your wedding is more than 100km
from Loughrea, then travel is charged for at 0.50 cents
per km, there and back.
Filming  at the brides house

There is no extra charge for filming at the
brides house on the morning of the wedding, if
your house is a reasonable distance from
Some brides want filming at the house, some
brides don't, and want this to be their own
private time before the wedding.
I do like to film at the house but I like to leave
the house in time to be at the church, well in
advance of the ceremony, to film the guests and
the groomsmen arriving and all of the pre-
wedding fun that you would otherwise not see!
Do you refund deposits if I cancel?
Deposits are fully refundable, should unforeseen
circumstances mean that your plans have to change.

If you want to re schedule your wedding for another
date, that is no problem, providing that your new date
is available.
Check if your date is available
Mike Concannon L.M.P.A.
Wedding Video, Loughrea, Co. Galway