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Photography is my art, video is my passion.

I got my first camera, a box brownie, from my school teacher when I was nine
years old, I won't tell you what year that was!

We were raised up in an Irish area in the middle of Birmingham, it would not be
unusual to occasionally hear Irish being spoken in the streets where we lived.

My parents used to send us kids to Ireland for the summer holidays, my mother
said it was so as we wouldn't grow up to English, something I am very grateful for

It was whilst on holiday at my aunts house in Mallow, on hearing of my interest in
photography, the local Pharmacy proprietor gave me the chemicals for developing
film and an old developing tank and some film for my camera.
I was in heaven.

Across the road from the pharmacy in Mallow is the church, there was a wedding
taking place there at the time.
I remember observing how happy everyone was and how the photographer was
recording this blast of colour and happiness and how important his task was.
I said to myself, that is what I am going to be when I grow up.

My father bought me a set of proper developing gear and an enlarger from a
pharmacy on the Stratford Road in Birmingham. And a better camera with his
cigarette coupons (you saved them up, and exchanged them for goods, helped
you smoke more)
I was bold at secondary school, only having an interest in the sciences and art,
and spending all my spare time immersed in my photography, so the physics
teacher imported a photography course, with an accreditation at the end of it that
allowed me the privileged opportunity to study photography at Bournville College
Of Art later on.

Many years went by and many photographic commissions were undertaken. I was
apprentice to Denis Fray, regarded as the best wedding photographer in
Birmingham at the time. He taught me how to photograph a wedding his way, it
gave me a real advantage.

Then, in 1984 my photographer buddy, David Ruffles, took me for a spin into
Birmingham city center to have a look at these new fangled VIDEO cameras that
everyone was talking about.
I knew it immediately, here was my dream, there was no turning back and I was
So in 1984 I bought a video camera and started recording weddings.
Recording the event is what it is all about, photographs are nice, a fraction of a
second captured for eternity, but why settle for a fraction of a second when you
can have the whole day!

Finally moving back to Ireland and settling for good in 2001.
Loughrea has been my home for the past 18 years and we live on the main street,
just down from Supervalue and the Loughrea hotel and spa. 

We had already switched to digital in 2001, when everyone else was still using
film. We were offering storybook pages in albums before the term storybook had
been thought up, we used to call them montage albums.

In the days of film photography was a profession, now, with digital cameras
anybody can be a photographer.
Presently there are 317 photographers in County Galway alone (and mostly pretty
good at it), advertising as wedding photographers.

Video is still a technically demanding profession and you can't switch a video
camera to automatic mode and get good results, you have to know what you are
doing.  That is why there are not so many videographers around.

We updated our video cameras to Sony EX range, high definition, professional,
broadcast standard, the best money can buy.
Even the spare video camera that I carry as a backup, is a Sony EX

Photography is my art, video is my passion. Brides book a photographer because
they feel that they have to, brides who book video do so because they want to.

Your wedding day is one of the few occasions in your life that you will
commission the services of a Professional Wedding Videographer.

Why entrust your once in a lifetime day to anybody less than a experienced,
Qualified, Wedding Photographer/ Videographer?

By choosing Mike Concannon as your videographer, you will be drawing upon a
lifetime of experience, having photographed and filmed well over 1000 Weddings,
and can rest assured that your Wedding day will flow like a dream, and that your
video will be something special that you will treasure for ever!
And you will be pleasantly surprized at the price!
Mike Concannon L.M.P.A.
Wedding Video, Loughrea, Co. Galway

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