Mike Concannon wedding photographer / videographer,
Athenry Road, Loughrea, Co. Galway.
Tel. 0858838786 and 091 847777
Mike Concannon L.M.P.A.
Wedding Photography & Video, Loughrea, Co. Galway

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Frequently Asked Questions
Why Ise Your Price So Reasonable?

I know it's different here, but where I was trained, having a competitive
price was considered to be an important part of any business strategy.
I'm happy with what I charge at €850,
    You think that I am cheap,
       So everyone is happy!
What is your style?

I would describe my style as very definitely documentary

For me, it's all about the events of the day and the people that were there. Anyone watching your wedding video in the future will know the full story of what happened on the day and who was there, with nothing left out.

Im not sure what the difference is between cinematic and documentary
What type of camera do you use?

That is like asking a racing car driver what type of tyres he uses, the answer is that there is a suitable camera for each different situation

In daylight.....For the guests arrivals and bride arriving, and shaking hands with everyone afterwards , you dont want a big camera in your face, so I use a tiny small Sony EX Pro video camera.

For the ceremony and speeches, I don't like using lights, so I use a Sony PMW 350 broadcast camera, great in low light and it allows me to film farther back from the speaker and not use lights at this nail biting time.
There is no substitute for a proper broadcast quality, full size video camera, Those who tell you otherwise are just not prepared to invest the kind of money that they cost (17K+)

Do you use a drone? I do bring a drone with me but as it is very weather dependent, I don't advertise it as part of the service, but I will use it if weather permits.

Do you use a SLR camera, like I have seen being used, to video my wedding? 
No, I use only professional, broadcast quality, Sony video cameras
What type of training/experience have you?

I have photographed and videoed over 1000 weddings over the past 25 years.
I did my formal training at Bournville College Of Art in Birmingham.
Hold an Oxford Board qualification in photography.
Served my time under Terry Walsh, a senior producer for the BBC, then
running his own video production company in Moseley, Birmingham.
I moved to Ireland in 1999 and have been working here filming weddings ever
OK, I'm happy to go ahead and book, what do I do next?

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click on "Pay your Deposit On-Line"
You can pay by credit or debit card, don't worry if you don't have a Paypal
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Deposit is €150
Is there a trave fee if my wedding is far away from you?

Maybee....             Click here to find out what the extras are
Dont assume that all videographers are all the same.
Here are afew questions to ask.

Experience...What year did you start filming weddings = 1984

How long have you been trading as a wedding videographer from your present
                                                                                    premises = 16 years

Are you professionally qualified or did you just pick it up as you went along
                                                                  = Oxford Board, Photography

Will you be relaxed and confident at my wedding, do you know how to use your
gear without looking at it and will you know what's going to happen instinctively
Experience, how many weddings have you attended professionally = 1000+

What precautions do you take in case of equipment failure on the day,
what type of backup camera do you carry with you in case
your main camera breaks down is it a lesser quality than your main camera
                                                                              = It's a Sony EX also

Do you keep a second car taxed and insured in case your main car shows signs of possible problems in the days leading up to a wedding = yes

Do you treat the sound recording with the same level of importance as the video, by using radio mikes and quality senheisser microphones = yes

Have you  been assessed by a professional organization and have you been accepted as a member of that organization at member level or at a higher level
Do you offer a Un-Edited option?

If you are happy to carry out your own editing, then there is a filming
only option for €600
The footage will be mostly already colour graded for you, so its cuts
and audio levels that you will be in charge of.
Worth thinking about, if you have the basic ability.